World Domination….it’s possible.

World Domination….it’s possible.
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This past weekend, I participated in the World Domination Summit (#WDS2013) in Portland, Oregon. Almost 3000 global change makers took over Portland to share their stories, create friendships and basically plan world domination (in a good way).

My visual summary is this:




In its third year, WDS brings together a diverse group of people –  from authors to entrepreneurs to coaches to bloggers. The conference is founded upon three core values: Community, Adventure and Service. It is one jam packed weekend of activities, key note speakers, workshops and of course parties. As a first timer WDS-er, I would love to share my top 5 learnings with you:

1. Find your peeps cause community matters.  

The world can be an isolating and huge place yet it can seem small, warmly energetic and comfortable amongst the right people. It’s your job to find your people. Don’t expect them to just turn up on your doorstep and invite themselves in. I was craving a sense of community and to meet people who have big dreams and are taking meaningful action towards making those dreams come alive. After watching a few youtube videos, I eagerly awaited the day WDS 2013 tickets went on sale and with two computers in front of me, I raced to purchase tickets (they sold out within minutes). There is nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by people who “get you”. Where you can turn to your left or right and make a friendly introduction then dive into ideas, brainstorms and accountability measures. So, think about who you want to be surrounded by….then go find them.

2. Life is just one big experiment.

The commonality between ALL of the speakers who set foot on stage was that they all started their journey with a question. A question that burned so brightly in their souls that they just had to seek answers. They treated life as a wild experiment, each day bringing the opportunity to learn more, change course and share their findings. We heard how Grethen Rubin’s Happiness Project journey started with questions, how Jia Jiang’s 100 days of rejection therapy started with a request of himself and how Chris Guillebeau founded WDS based on this question: How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

3. Set aside time to dream.  

Problogger Darren Rowse captivated me with the questions he threw out to us. He asked us to give ourselves permission and create space and time to dream. Sounds simple right? When I got thinking about it, I realized that many of us perhaps don’t give ourselves the few waking minutes it takes to dream. How could each day change if we woke up and spent 2 min in bed just dreaming?

4. Be a learner instead of an expert.

 I had the pleasure of attending Jonathan Fields’ workshop where he took us through his Good Life Project Living Creed (see handout below). I was most impressed by his chill, laid back character and his thirst for learning. Instead of branding himself as the “expert”, he takes on the eternal student mindset, treating everyone as his teacher thereby creating hundreds of opportunities to grow himself each day. Coming from the corporate world where I was expected to constantly be the expert, I am challenging myself to soak up learning see how it changes me. Its ok not to know everything. The vulnerability that comes with learning is expansive.


5. Stories connect us.

From the groups of people I met and connected with this weekend, the most memorable were the ones who shared their story with me. Without a name tag, I’m horrible at remembering names, but someone’s touching story can live forever in my heart.  From the attendees who shared their stories with all 3000 of us or the people I met in the coffee lineup, each story was as unique as the individual narrating it. That’s the cool part that we sometimes forget- all of our stories are unique and in fact, worth telling.

So, my call to action for you:

If you attended WDS, what is a key learning you can share with the community?

If you haven’t attended WDS (yet): Which learning touched you and how can you apply it to your life starting today?

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