Dream Hunter Interview: The Persistent Experimenter, Scott Dinsmore

Dream Hunter Interview: The Persistent Experimenter, Scott Dinsmore
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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

                                                                                                   – Jim Rohn

Scott Dinsmore is living proof of this. With a mission to explore, he has gone a step further.  He has created a global community of over 50,000 people in order to bring this concept to life.

Scott shares how one pivotal experience living abroad in Sevilla, Spain changed his outlook on career fulfillment and how he has never looked back. He continues to be an expert and beginner, experimenting to learn and grow. In this interview, we explore the experiments that started the LYL Revolution, highlight living legends around the globe and learn the biggest obstacle to overcome when you want to make change in the world.


Dream Hunter Interview with Scott Dinsmore: The Persistent Experimenter from Tania DeSa on Vimeo.


Highlights & Tweetables from the interview:

“Be in a spot where things can go massively wrong, cause they an also go massively right.”



Experiments infuse genuine wonder, enthusiasm and fun into life.

Remember how much fun high school science experiments were? That feeling of genuine curiosity, eagerness and enthusiasm that infused you when you lit the bunsen burner? Experiments are fun because the outcome is unknown and you are open to success or failure. Whatever the outcome of an experiment, it’s the learning that you take away. Just imagine how much much fun it would be to bring experiments into our adult life. To leap into new projects, make bold requests or even test your physical limits by throwing out a hypothesis and testing it out.  There is the opportunity to  vulnerably fail or bask in the glory of success- either way, it’ll be a blast to be in the lab again.


Building Community is essential.

Scott and I talk about the insular space one can create when you spend a lot of time alone with our computer. It can be isolating and it’s important to actually get away from your desk (and computer) to meet and interact with people LIVE.

Whether you are moving to a new city, starting a new job or beginning class in a new school, community is KEY.

Choose the people you want to surround yourself with. Grow cheerleaders because you are going to need a loud cheering squad to create the magic you desire. Everyone needs encouragement, support and a sense of belonging. The best part is that you have control to create it for yourself.  Go crazy.

Oh and here’s a fantastic global community event you may want to check out: Tickets go on sale today for the World Domination Summit 2014.


So, what experiment will you start?   Who will you share it with?

Start by sharing it with this community by leaving a comment. Share the ideas, action and accountability.

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